Collision Study Demonstrates Drones Can Safely Share Skies With Airplanes

Collision Study Demonstrates Drones Can Safely Share Skies With Airplanes    
Drone Manufacturers Alliance Welcomes First Rigorous Study Of Drone-Airplane Risks
Contact: Kara Calvert, Executive Director
November 28, 2017 – The Drone Manufacturers Alliance, the organization representing manufacturers of the majority of civilian drones, appreciates the work of the Alliance for System Safety in UAS Research Excellence (ASSURE) in conducting the UAS airborne collision severity research report released today.
Through both modeling and live demonstration, ASSURE’s research showed that the damage caused by a drone colliding with an airplane will vary widely, depending on the mass of the drone and the speed of the airplane. Smaller drones such as those made by DMA’s members would cause less damage than larger drones, and airplanes flying at relatively slow speeds, as they do in the low altitudes where most drones operate, would also suffer less damage. DMA’s members stand ready to assist ASSURE in its ongoing drone safety research.


“Drones have an admirable safety record and this research confirms they can continue to safely share the skies with traditional aircraft,” said Kara Calvert, Director of the Drone Manufacturers Alliance. “Drone pilots have shown they want to fly carefully and stay out of the way of manned aircraft. Drone manufacturers are working hard to ensure we integrate advanced safety features like geofencing, which is a key conclusion of the report. We also look forward to working with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ASSURE, and manned aircraft manufacturers to continue developing new solutions to minimize risks to airplanes.”
The insights in ASSURE’s detailed report will help DMA’s members understand the factors that can help improve drone safety as they design new products. As regulators and elected officials study new drone regulations, the ASSURE report also provides important insights to ensure those regulations are based on rigorous scientific study. DMA members believe smart regulations and laws are key to helping drones continue to safely share the skies with airplanes and helicopters.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has made clear that drones are good for the country and can be safely integrated into American airspace, and has encouraged safe and responsible recreational drone use as well.
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