Drone Manufacturers Alliance Responds To Report Of Hawaii Drone Collision With Helicopter

Drone Manufacturers Alliance Responds To Report Of Hawaii Drone Collision With Helicopter
Drone Pilots Must Understand And Follow All Safety Regulations
Contact: Kara Calvert, Executive Director
February 13, 2017 – The Drone Manufacturers Alliance, the organization representing manufacturers of the majority of civilian drones, emphasizes that all drone pilots must follow laws and regulations about drone flights to keep the skies safe. This comes as unconfirmed report in Hawaii claims that an unidentified drone collided with a sightseeing helicopter. No one was injured and the flight landed safely.
“Safety is the most important consideration for drone pilots, who must follow the law and stay out of the way of traditional aircraft,” said Kara Calvert, Director of the Drone Manufacturers Alliance. “Drones have an admirable safety record, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has made clear that drones can be safely integrated into American airspace. Drone manufacturers emphasize the rules for safe flight to their customers, and we continue working with regulators and lawmakers to ensure drones remain a beneficial addition to the skies.”
DMA has noted that a federally-sponsored collision study demonstrated that drones can safely share the skies with airplanes, and that FAA reports on drone sightings confirm that drones have accumulated a strong safety record. In November, DMA welcomed an FAA committee’s recommendation that authorities use technology to remotely identify and track airborne drones in areas that raise concerns.
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